CryptoGuard VPN

High-end IP, video- and data encryption

  • Speed up to 10 Gbps
  • Quantum proof
  • AES 256 encryption on L2, L3 and L4
  • NL, EU & NATO certified solution
  • Proven technology for more than two decades

CryptoGuard VPN

With CryptoGuard VPN you are completely protected because CryptoGuard VPN filters and encrypts all the IP traffic between different locations. With the use of CryptoGuard VPN the connection is confidential because the data is encrypted and thus unreadable.

CryptoGuard VPN is easy to integrate in existing networks, to manage via a central management, and the end-user doesn’t have to do anything to work in a secure way.

It is necessary that both locations have a CryptoGuard VPN (or another IPsec solution) installed, so that the encrypted data can be decrypted to readable data. When CryptoGuard VPN is implemented in the networks, all data between networks will (after the right configuration by the management) automatically be encrypted and decrypted.

Central Management

CryptoGuard VPN systems are centrally managed by the Security Management Station (SMS). In the  user friendly SMS the keys can be managed, filter rules can be added and several security systems can be configured automatically and simultaneously. Communication between the SMS and CryptoGuard VPN is secured with modern key algorithms.

Because the CryptoGuard VPN can be managed centrally from one location, no technical knowledge is needed on the external locations. CryptoGuard VPN works as an independent ‘stand-alone’ system. This means that, even when the SMS is offline, CryptoGuard VPN still encrypts and decrypts the data and works according to the rules set by SMS. There is no need for reconfiguration of the networks.



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CryptoGuard VPN family

CryptoGuard VPN is a product family with its own specific features. 600/6000 models are suited for mobile, industrial and small office environments with a maximum throughput of 95 Mbps. 6500, 6800 and 6900 models are suited for office environments from 180 Mbps up to  1 Gbps. The CompuCrypt XL model is suited for high speed fiberglass connections up to 10 Gbps.  

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